Ziggy Rainbow Fizzy Bath Bomb Handmade Artisan Pride VEGAN

Ziggy Rainbow Fizzy Bath Bomb Handmade Artisan Pride VEGAN

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Ziggy is named after that gorgeous dazzling starman who was with us for much too short a time....he celebrates everyone's inclusion. A wonderful fruity scent with cassis and raspberry top notes that lead to a strawberry, blueberry, red apple, cinnamon, and cherry centre on a sugar base. IMPORTANT Note About Our Bombs: Individually wrapped and fully labelled (name & ingredients) with biodegradable vegetable polymer shrink, and recycled paper labels. Please note that bath bombs are at their best within 3-6 mo of production. Over time bombs may discolour and holes in the shrink may appear due to chemical reaction and oxidation. We do not replace/refund bombs when this occurs. This is completely normal and will not affect the bombs performance. **If you wish to see more of a colour-release, hold the bomb just at the surface of the water half submerged to watch the colour play until you wish to release it to fizz away completely.**

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